Mentoring Status Reports

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Mentoring Update for August 2015:

from Program Director: Paul Keast

Key Items:
This has been a very active time in the life of all things Mentoring. We are now officially using the allocations for food for the Mentor House. We are able to supplement the monthly food budget to $300.00 at this time. This is a nice improvement for the House.

The Mentor House Guidelines first revision is out and published. This will be a living document for the House. The next steps are to have a couple of sessions to communicate the information to the group.

Both of the new women clients we had slated for Mentoring a few months ago were not able to start in the program. One got a job and felt it was too much time to commit to and the other just faded away with no contact.

We have had 3 new Clients join in the last 2 months. All 3 of these guy’s seem to be on the more challenging end of the mentoring spectrum. We were able to get a bicycle for one of them as transportation and that was a good start to help. 2 are in Folsom and 1 in the Placerville area. Over the last few months we have completed or started 2 Job Search workshops in the area.


May 2015 Mentoring Progress Report Graph

Mentoring Update for May 2015:

from Program Director: Paul Keast

Key Items:
Over the last month JOB has taken on 2 new Clients. Both are women, working out of difficult times in their lives. One is living out of her car and traveling around California looking for a job. Maria her Mentor, is staying in contact with her offering support and prayer.

The Mentor House is up and running for about 2 months now. Much more support and structure are needed for a stable program. Our resident is doing well and is seeking long term employment.

JOB supported Missions oriented events at both Rolling Hills and Lakeside Church’s in the last month or so. We have a good group of names for potential Mentors and other areas of interest. We are currently working through meeting with them on their interests.

The Big Day of Giving will net JOB over $2000.00. This is a good showing for our first time involved with them.

After attending a probationer’s life skills session with the El Dorado County Probation Department we have gotten 2 requests for Mentors and 3 other potential requests. This could be a consistent source of Client candidates for JOB for some time.

SF Giants are playing great ball now. They are 2nd in the division and looking up. The best part was a 3 game shutout sweep of the LA Dodgers last week.


May 2015 Mentoring Progress Report Graph

Mentoring Update for February 2015:

from Program Director: Paul Keast

Where we are now:

We have a couple of people that are in the applications process to be Mentors and Clients showing our growth is continuing.

We have received 4 applications from men in prison to be in the Mentoring or Mentor House. I have visited 2 of the 4 in prison to date and have one more visit scheduled.  They are all in the stage of working their parole plan and only one has a schedule date of release.

We have 3 people in FPU classes in the area and planning to have at least one of these people be able to teach some future classes that JOB will offer.

The Spanish language FPU plan is waiting for a response from the Folsom Catholic Church to see how we can communicate to their population.

We had a first meeting with the Adult Ministries person for Rolling Hills Church giving her more information on JOB Mentoring.  More to come as we deepen the engagement.

Future Plans:

Mentor House governance planning is continuing with a high level and detailed plan in the next few weeks.

We will be starting to plan the Lakeside Church Missions weekend presence.  They will be kicking off a Missions focus in April. 


MentorProgressChart Jan2015
February 2015 Mentoring Progress Report Graph

Mentoring Update for January 2015:

from Program Director: Paul Keast

The first year for Jesus Our Boss Mentoring Program was great. We opened for business in January 2014 with no Mentors, Clients and few community contacts.
At the end of the year JOB has 11 Mentors and 5 Clients in Mentoring. For these 5 people they have a Hope in their life that was not there before.
Over the year we have been able to create 2 partnerships with Mercy Housing and Lakeside Church. Both of these have allowed us to grow in the community gaining volunteers or delivering our programs. We expect at least 2 more significant church partnerships in early 2015 that will give JOB very good awareness in the Folsom to Placerville community.

This year we have been able to deliver 2 of the Job Search Classes in both Folsom and Placerville with 9 attendees for the 2 classes. We have sent 4 of our Clients to FPU classes in the area and they have reported to me the class gave them information they did not have before. We are learning for most people FPU will be a 2-3 stage process for them focusing on the budgeting in the first round then going back for the other class information as their life improves.

The Mentor House was agreed this year as a program we want to offer within the Mentoring capability. This will be a significant undertaking for JOB. As of now we have at least 2 people that are very interested to be in the House in 2015. With the new Work Program we are planning to be able to offer a person a very well rounded life empowering experience if they are part of the Mentoring, House and Work programs.

Our biggest growth area for next year will be to hone the JOB Client seeking capabilities. We are not able to support all people in despair. Being able to get our message out to the community in general to find people best able to take advantage of our programs.

I remember thinking in January that JOB will end of 2014 and have a very different look due to the growth. As I look at the potential I see for 2015, I believe that feeling is the same. This is my view and we pray that God wants to see JOB do just as much in the community.

Thank you to everyone that is a part of JOB; the Mentors for their willingness and work to give to Others, Dave for his leadership, the Board for their guidance and God for his grace on us.

Mentoring Update for November 2014:

from Program Director: Paul Keast

Where we are now:

JOB has 3 applications from men in prison planning to come out next year and join the Mentoring program in both Folsom and Placerville. I have joined a Continuum of Care Community Group in El Dorado County. From this I was able to have good conversation with a Green Valley Shelter leader and manager in the El Dorado County Humans Services Dept. The Spanish language financial peace marketing is ongoing. We will be at 2 Folsom community meetings in December.

Future Plans:

The Mentor House planning continues and has potential clients in the queue. We have found a person that has volunteered to be the Placerville Spanish language finance peace trainer for next year. He will attend an FPU training and then we can move forward with the class planning for that area.


MentorProgressChart Nov2014
November 2014 Mentoring Progress Report Graph

Mentoring Update for October 2014:

from Program Director: Paul Keast

Where we are now:

JOB has a 4th person in the Mentoring program.  He is in the Placerville area and he is our 6th person to start the program for the year.

Also the Mentoring team is at 11 people, 1 short of the year’s goal.

The job search class at Christ Like Services completed at the end of the month.  It was good to connect with some of the clients there and work with them individually.

We attended the Rolling Hills concert for The King and Country and were able to get some names to contact and have get our name to more people.  There was still a good memory of JOB by multiple people to the street signs used for the Fundraiser. 

Future Plans:

The Spanish language FPU class is on track to start in January.  The class leader Carlos Carrea has completed all the requirements.  The room will be at Lakeside Church. I attended a monthly potluck hosted by Folsom’s Hope and did a presentation to the group on what the class is.  There will be 2 future events to attend to get the word out for the class.

Continuing to seek a church partner in the Placerville area. 

Sports update: The Giants are on an unbelievable run through the playoff and now at game 7 of the World Series.  No one saw this result on August 15th


October 2014 Mentoring Progress Report Graph