Definition: Someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less experienced and often younger person. A trusted counselor or guide. There is wisdom in your soul, share it with someone.

Mentors can help people learn to: live on their own, cope with life's daily problems, help people heal relationships and enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Become a Mentor!

J.O.B. will train Mentors in a family-oriented process, designed to help people cope with the ups and downs of daily life. The Mentors will use a multi-skill curriculum that mirrors many skills used in everyday life. The power of the process is the Mentor working with the Client on Life Skills in a Faithful way.

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Jesus Our Boss Client

Definition: Someone who is being nurtured and guided by a J.O.B. mentor who teaches or gives help and advice.

J.O.B. Clients come from all walks of life. Many of J.O.B. Clients have a common struggles such as overcoming addictions, or incarceration or are just stuck in life for some reason.

Become a J.O.B. Client!

J.O.B. Clients work with mentors in a family-oriented process, designed to help them cope with the ups and downs of daily life. Clients learn Life Skills and have a person they can depend on to help them. Life can be difficult and Jesus Our Boss is willing to help.

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Community Classes

Throughout the year, J.O.B. has several community classes that are scheduled to complement our Mentoring Program. - Financial Peace University classes that teach personal financial skills. - J.O.B. Job Search Workshop teaching the skills and process for a successful job search. - Helping to fight obesity in youth, we are piloting a test program for healthy lifestyle and eating habits for kids.We support many lifestyle, behavioural and resource classes that help with specific mentoring program goals. For the Community Classes you do not have to be enrolled in our Mentoring Program to take advantage of our classes.  Check the calendar, and the community class detail page for course content, and details. You may also contact program director Paul Keast through our Contact Us form.

FPU is another component to the Mentoring Program, although this class is a popular stand alone program that many families register for. With a Christ centered philosophy on managing money and creating budgets, FPU offers a comprehensive, once a week for 9 weeks series of classes that touch every aspect of ones financial life. This class is a hugely popular class for learning the building blocks of a successful financial life.