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Joshua Freeland is an experienced dog trainer and the lead dog trainer with JOB DOG.  Trained himself by Margaret Blair, founder of K9 Cedar Training, he has worked for Karma Rescue and Paws for Life.  Adept at teaching basic commands, advanced training and obedience, Joshua also has experience in scent training, and in dog rehabilitation.  When rehabilitating a dog, he deals with behavioral issues like fear and aggression and teaches basic and advanced commands to prepare the dog for adoption.  Joshua has developed a system for evaluating a dog’s temperament in order to determine best outcomes for training and/or rehabilitation.  Once he has evaluated the dog, he works to build a relationship of trust with the dog.  If a dog is receptive to the relationship Joshua is able to accomplish the training goals.  He appreciates that dog’s, like people, are unique and circumstances evolve and that there are no absolute guarantees in dog training.  Success depends on the relationship and commitment of both the dog and trainer, and the dog owner.  

In September 2019, Joshua was connected with a local rescue to rehabilitate, Hannah, a Dutch Shepard, who exhibited a fear of men.  After accepting Joshua as her "alpha" and weeks of patient training, Hannah was able to overcome her fear of men.  Hannah was then adopted by Joshua and the two of them share their story at local churches, schools and other programs on the lesson of trust, patience, love and a second chance at life!





Training basic commands such as "watch me," "no," "sit," "down," "stay," "come," "spot," and "leave it" and much more!!

Basic Commands


Advanced Commands

Leash & Off Leash Training



One-on-One Lessons
(Average 1 hour sessions)
$65.00 per session
5 sessions for $275.00 (a $50.00 savings!)
10 sessions for $550.00 (a $100.00 savings!)
(+ $20.00 charge for travel outside 30 mile radius)
If you are interested in dog training services, please contact Sara Mills at (530) 652-4171 or to schedule a consultation.


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