JOB's Vision:

At JOB, our vision is to help individuals reach healed, productive lifestyles, where integrity and responsibility are fostered in word and deed. We seek to offer this through thriving mentor-based relationships, work opportunities, vocational training, continued education and supportive housing—all founded in strong biblical principles. Our goal is to provide each individual with the ability to accomplish his or her goals for a restored life.

What JOB Does:

JOB is dedicated to the ministry of recovery and restoration. We focus on nurturing the God-given potential in each individual through one-on-one mentoring relationships and skills training, promoting positive and productive change. By reaching out to all individuals facing transitions and challenges, we offer the hope of renewed lifestyles and relationships. We provide them with opportunities to become self-motivated, balanced and contributing members of society. Through JOB, broken and displaced lives discover the support they need to recover their future.