JOB’s mission is to provide services and support to individuals re-entering society.



JOB’s vision is to provide housing, individualized case management, mental healthcare, substance abuse counseling, job training and placement to improve the health of the individual and the community.







“Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.” Acts 16:31.  An individual’s relationship with Christ and the resulting power of the Holy Spirit are of utmost importance.  We believe this powerful relationship provides the tools for a daily life beyond the ordinary.



Through the power of Jesus Christ sin is overcome.  An individual must choose faith in Christ in order to break the bonds of sin in his/her life.  We believe in helping individuals to overcome sin, be strengthened by Christ and the Word, and deal with the consequences of sin.



Sanctification, the lifelong process of being made holy, requires daily commitment.  An individual can and should be in relationship with other believers as a means for learning to take place.  We believe in strengthening relationships and in helping individuals to put their sanctification to practice in the world around them.



“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Matthew 28:19   We believe that our salvation and sanctification bring glory to God and that he wants individuals to share this with the world.  Being of service to others is the ultimate goal.  Jesus Our Boss aims to serve other believers, to help them overcome the obstacles hindering their faith, and to assist them in their relationships and daily life so that they may walk as spiritually healthy individuals who are able to serve others around them.

Staff & Board of Directors


Allie Sinsley Reuscher -  Allie holds a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and certification in Executive Coaching.  She worked with the non-profit Christ-Centered Counseling and ran New Creation Life Solutions with Charles May for 5 years.  With expertise in addiction recovery, childhood/human development, and goal orientated coaching, Allie has over 14 years’ experience working in the field.  She has worked as a corporate trainer for Brinker, Inc. and head of marketing for California Leash Company.  She served on the board from 2014-21 and has been Executive Director since March 2019.  

Sara Mills - Sara has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development.  She has experience with non-profits and has been with JOB since March 2018.  She worked as an administrative assistant in Sacramento for 14 years.  Her experiences in both the re-entry ministry and as an office administrator allow her to function as a primary component of the JOB staff.  Sara is JOB's Director of Operations and joined the Board in 2021.

Beau Palley - CEO and chairman of Orion Outdoor Media since 1990, Beau has developed, operated and divested media assets to the largest publicly traded media companies in the world.  His business acumen and financial management experience help guide JOB in areas of financial strategy, planning, and business ethics. He has served on the Board since 2013. 


Kevin Kolbo -  Kevin attended DeVry Institute of Technology and has worked in the automobile repair business for over 30 years.  His trade school and skills related work experience give him a valuable perspective on job skills training and long-term job success.  He has been on the JOB board of directors since 2013.   


Charles M. Lidberg - Founded Jesus Our Boss in 1998 and incorporated it in California as a religious non-profit in 2010.  Chuck has served on the Board of Directors at U-Turn for Christ Camino, Inc. (2006-2010), and on the Board of Directors for New Beginnings Gold Country in 2012.  With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration he has owned and operated several small businesses.  His years of business experience and non-profit service make him a valuable asset to the JOB board.