JOB’s mission is to provide services and support to individuals re-entering society.


Our Story


In 2010 Jesus Our Boss, Inc. was founded to help mentor men enrolled in various re-entry/rehabilitation programs in El Dorado County, California.  We noticed that many programs existed to help individuals gain sobriety, provide transitional housing, or in-patient mental health, but it was virtually impossible for us to find a program that provided a holistic approach.   


The need for a highly individualized approach to re-entry programming was evident.  JOB set out to provide a mentoring program that helps individuals transition into “normal” society by helping them gain employment, financial stability, maintained sobriety, individual and family health, and spirituality.  


To date JOB’s mentoring program has helped dozens of individuals.  Additional programs like the JOB Work Program and the goods4good warehouse have provided training and work experience.


In 2015, we opened the first JOB re-entry home for men.  


In July of 2019 the home transitioned to become the first JOB Life House.  The new Life House is the result of five years of cultivating a program based on our experiences with men re-entering society.  Our goal is to provide LIFE Houses for specific residential groups whose needs are similar.  For example, a home for recovering addicts has needs different than a home for men struggling with financial independence.  The JOB Life House in Placerville is focused on helping men re-enter society after serving a long-term prison sentence. 


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The LIFEHouse enables men on CDCR supervised parole in El Dorado and Sacramento Counties, California to live in a program focused on an individualized approach to re-entry and change.

JOB is accepting donations of new and used clothing for our Clothing Closet to assist the men in our LIFEHouse.


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